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remove Your Shadow™

remove Your Shadow Healing Journey

remove Your Shadow Healing Journey

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Remove Your Shadow™ Healing Journey Journal is a powerful tool to help you remove the shadow of trauma. Friends, journaling is the key to adopting discipline, a daily practice that empowers you to shape your destiny rather than being swept along by the currents of fate.

This 90-day journal offers a unique blend of journal prompts and therapeutic art journaling sessions, each thoughtfully crafted to help you remove your shadow of trauma.

This healing journey journal includes:

  • Exposing the Shadows (days 1-30)
  • Progress & Resilience (days 31-60)
  • Growing & Embracing New Beginnings (days 61-90)
  • Notes section

Benefits of shadow work:

  • Exposing the shadow of trauma
  • Diminishing the power trauma has in your life
  • Self-discovery and self-awareness
  • Shift your focus from negativity to positivity
  • Removing blockages from your life

If you want to
remove the shadow of trauma from your life, you will love this journal.

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