About Irene

Irene Ekdahl created these special journals with foster care children/former foster youth in mind. She was in foster care herself as a child after being rescued from years of sexual abuse by a family member. Irene began journaling as a way to release her stress and fears as well as plan her goals and dreams. Today she owns a successful journal business that is available at all major retailers sold all around the world. She wants to be an inspiration to children who have had adverse childhood experiences as she did.

Irene raises awareness about the therapeutic power of journaling with children in foster care and former foster youth. By introducing kids to journaling, Irene's vision is to see the foster care system implement journaling as an available resource to those in need.

Proceeds from this purchase go towards providing journals and journaling courses to the foster care system.

Please consider leaving a review on the retailers website where you purchased her journal. Your review will help us reach more people! Email to place a large order for your charity/organization here: hello@ekdahlco.com.

Thank you!