About Irene

Irene Ekdahl, a former foster youth, is the creative force behind the remove Your Shadow™ journals. Through the transformative practice of journaling with these unique tools, individuals can reclaim power over their lives. Embracing the discipline of daily written reflection empowers you to chart your own course, steering away from the influence of circumstances.

Irene, drawing from her personal experience in foster care and overcoming years of child abuse, designed these journals with a specific focus on foster care children and former foster youth. Her journey began with journaling as a means to release stress, confront fears, and plan for a brighter future. Today, Irene owns a thriving journal business available at major retailers worldwide, driven by her desire to inspire people to take control of their lives.

Beyond her successful business, Irene is dedicated to raising awareness about the therapeutic benefits of journaling for children in foster care and former foster youth. Her vision is to integrate journaling into the foster care system as a valuable resource for those in need.

When you purchase these journals, your contribution goes towards providing journals and journaling courses to support the foster care system. Your feedback on the website of the online retailer where you bought the journal can extend our impact, enabling us to positively influence more lives. For bulk orders benefiting charities or organizations, please reach out to us at hello@RemoveYourShadow.com.

Thank you for joining us on this impactful journey!